12 January 2011

(second) first post

i originally wanted to start a blog with the idea to take and post a photo every day this year. while i still love this idea, it might not be feasible. hence the start of this new blog!

yesterday, while i was doing laundry at my parent's house, i picked up a magazine and read an article about Mark Bittman, who is a well-known food writer. i have one of his cookbooks, thanks to my aunt Maria. I probably use it more frequently than i utilize my other cookbooks. in the article Bittman talks about his new (earth-friendly) approach to food, and it really got me thinking.

one of the rules Bittman follows is that he eats (mostly) vegan until dinner, when he allows himself animal products. it is better for our earth and better for our health. i'm going to try to incorporate this method into my daily life. wish me luck?


  1. Good luck! A colleague of mine is doing this--no meat before 5--and he feels great. Check out Francis Lam (my favorite food writer) in Salon.com. His new year's pledge is "no cheap chicken." What do you think? http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704111504576059713528698754.html
    And have you seen Food, Inc.?

  2. that's really neat! i would be interested in finding out information about specific farms to find out which ones are the best (as far as animal treatment). i have not seen Food, Inc. because i'm worried it will gross me out too much. have you? i'm reading this book called Eating Animals right now and it's a look into our eating habits, such as why we eat certain animals and not others. it's good so far.