13 January 2011


today is important because it is the first day of my last semester of college! i have to admit, i am a little burnt out on school. last semester i had almost zero motivation. but this semester i have some classes that i am really stoked about. the first is an anthropology class about food and culture. at the end of the semester we are supposed to have a potluck, and each person is supposed to bring in a dish that is special to our family or culture, and provide the recipe as well. our professor will then compile a cookbook for us!

the other class i am excited for is an online publishing course. we will be compiling work from students at NMSU and creating an online magazine. since i am interested in publishing, i think this will be a great experience. also, i am taking a class on communication in the workplace. while this might not be the most exciting course, it will definitely be useful since i have never had a job that requires professional communication.

my last english course is Chaucer, which i am not looking forward to at all. we have to read it in the middle english it was written in, which is almost a different language. BUT my professor is enthusiastic and awesome, and will hopefully make it bearable. one of my resolutions this year was to be excited and interested in all my classes and to put forth more than the bare minimum of effort (which is what i did last semester).

so. bring on the optimism.

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