05 October 2011


i absolutely love the month of October. it might even be my favorite month. let me tell you why.

it starts getting cooler. after the scorching summers we have here in Las Cruces, the slight drop in temperature that comes in October is long overdue. right now it's still pretty hot during the day but cools off considerably at night. this means it's almost time for sweaters, hoodies and beanies! (scarves would be included but they're never really necessary here)

if we had big green trees here, the leaves would be changing.

my parents were married in October... 32 (?) years ago.

you start seeing eggnog in stores. I LOVE EGGNOG. i think i get this from my father. hot coco is also another fabulous fall/winter drink, obviously.

and it ends with Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. i have always loved dressing up, and luckily, my mom never let us get store-bought costumes, she always helped us make our own. this means i've learned to be creative when coming up with my costume ideas, which makes it so much more fun!

along with Halloween comes the decorations, most importantly, jack-o'-lanterns. i like have pumpkin carving parties with my friends the week before Halloween. it's a fun way to bring different groups together to do something out of the ordinary.

although traditional pumpkin carving is always fun, i've come across some new ideas that i might try out this year.

these fanged pumpkins from Martha Stewart are just too cute.

another Martha Stewart inspiration.

sequined pumpkins. fancy!

using multiple pumpkins to spell out words.

this button pumpkin is adorable.

using different colored squash with simple faces to create an arrangement.

owl. duh.

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