07 November 2011

growing up. becoming responsible.

last Friday night some of my friends were going to El Paso to go dancing at the OP, a gay club. i love the OP. i love being able to dance with my girls and not worry about a guy cutting in. i'm not very coordinated, so i have a hard time dancing with a partner. i much prefer dancing in a group. less pressure (:

anyway, i digress. as much as i wanted to go dancing, i declined, for several reasons.

  • i had to work 11-7 on Saturday
  • i had an article for Pulse due before i went into work
  • after my regular job i was going to promote Jagermeister at Bdubs from 10:30-12:30
all of these things added up to a long Saturday, and i knew i should get some rest. also,

  • i have had a cold for a couple weeks (another reason sleep was vital)
  • i have two important birthdays coming up this week, and i figured i should save my money to celebrate with them
in the past i would have scrambled to finish my article Friday night, gone out dancing, poured myself into bed around 3 in the morning, gone into work hungover and tired, and been exhausted by the time Sunday came around. instead, i decided to do the responsible thing and stay in. 

i had plans to split a six pack with a friend and watch this movie: 

but she bailed on me, claiming she needed sleep  (i think she just wanted to stay home with her boyfriend, which is fine).

so i spent my Friday night watching this show (alone):

so funny!!!

and reading this book:

so good. you can feel her passion for food in the way she describes it.

all this is to say, i think i'm growing up. hooray.

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