21 November 2011

Toy Run

ever since i can remember i have volunteered at the Toys for Kids Motorcycle Parade. my parents would wake me up at what seemed like the crack of dawn and i'd bundle up and still freeze my little butt off at the mall before heading off to Dickerson's (sometimes in the parade, sometimes not) for brisket and beans. 

when i was in middle school i would man the door prize table, and somewhere along the way i drifted into the selling of t-shirts at the mall during registration. 

the Toy Run is what really marks the beginning of the holiday season for me. it's always the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so i know that turkey is fast approaching. mine and my mom's birthday is shortly after, and then Christmas follows a couple weeks later! 

when i was younger the run was kind of a pain to me. i did not enjoy waking up early and having to spend all day with a bunch of older bikers and having to look at all the cool toys that were not for me. over the years i have come to love it, however. seeing so many people come together for a good cause and watching that toy pile grow and grow warms my heart, as cheesy as it sounds. one year i went with my mom as she distributed money to charities and food banks around town, and it was truly a rewarding experience. it felt so good to be able to contribute something. 

that was the year i realized how amazing my parents are. they put so much time and effort into this event that doesn't benefit them directly at all. i am truly lucky to have been raised by such kind and selfless people. 

here are some pictures from last year's run (i forgot to take my camera this year!)

registration at the mall

my beautiful niece on my dad's bike

the HUGE pile of toys for the kids! 

these pictures do not do the event justice. i can never get a picture encompassing all the bikes or all the toys. it truly is amazing.

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