23 November 2011


what am i thankful for? let's see... LOTS of things! 

my parents. i truly am blessed that such loving and supportive people created me.
 i know not everyone is so lucky.

my true friends. i'm especially grateful that i've managed to keep in touch with these two, who are so far away right now.

my aunt and uncle in Chicago. without their encouragement and generosity i would never have the guts to move to a big city like that. their willingness to let me rent a room from them and invade their lives has provided me with a wonderful opportunity. 

Rachael Ray! i know, i know. she's kind of obnoxious. but she provided me with this wonderful deviled egg recipe that i modified for a Thanksgiving potluck tomorrow!

netflix, for letting me catch up on shows i don't have the time (or cable) to watch.

i could go on and on, but i won't.

this was nice. i think i might take the time to think about what i'm thankful for every night... or maybe just once a week (:

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