13 November 2011


i know it's superficial, but i love love love makeup! i don't wear a lot on a regular basis, but i love playing around with eyeshadow and lip colors and i adore the Sephora store. it's probably a good thing we don't have one here. whenever i visit a place with a Sephora i allow myself to splurge a little. that being said, i'm gonna fill you all in on my typical beauty routine.

this primer has recently become my favorite product. i put it on every day. it blurs my blemishes and smooths out my complexion.

mascara is another thing i wear every day. i feel like it brightens up my face and really makes a world of difference, with just a couple strokes and a few minutes of my time! i'm blessed with fairly long lashes, and i like lashblast because it makes my lashes appear fuller. i typically only apply mascara on my upper lashes but on the weekends when i go out i'll coat my bottom lashes as well.

eyeliner is one technique i have yet to master. i'm not good at lining the outside of my eyes, but i always line the inside of my upper lid. this brand from Kohl's doesn't smudge off as quickly as others i have tried. someday i'll master a good cat-eye!

i use this loose powder from Cover Girl every day. it covers fairly well, masking any shine and adding shimmer. usually i only wear primer and this powder.
if it's going to be a long night, however, or if i want to look particularly polished, i'll use this powder foundation. it's light but provides nice coverage.

i picked up this amazing eye shadow palette at Sephora in Las Vegas last month. the colors are absolutely gorgeous. i think purple complements my brown eyes nicely.

i got these sonia kashuk brushes at Target. they're pretty great.

i love me some good old-fashined Chapstick to keep my lips hydrated, but when i go out i like my lips to be glossy. this is my absolute favorite brand of lip gloss.

when i want a hint of color i prefer lip stain over lipstick. "Frenzy" is my recent favorite lip color.

and the finishing touch? my friend Jenna recently posted about this makeup setting spray from Urban Decay, so i picked some up while i was in Vegas. i love it. it's perfect when i'm planning on staying out all night.

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