29 November 2011

So Little Time!

my friend Jenna recently posted BBC's Top 100 Books list and it got me thinking about all the books i have yet to read. and it's not just books. there are so many movies i want to see, so many TV shows i've been wanting to watch or catch up on. i got about two episodes into Game of Thrones (so good!) before i started watching Mad Men which i also love! 

Mad Men is fascinating to me with the outdated ideas about women, and everyone is always smoking (gross!). it's darkly funny and i lovelovelove the fashion portrayed.

and music!!! how i love music. i love discovering new music and listening to old favorites. it's amazing how a song can say exactly how you've been feeling but haven't been able to articulate correctly. 

(i know, i'm an English major and should therefore have faith in words, but i find this to be true at times.)

all this is to say, how do folks keep up with it all?? if i read everything i wanted to, watched all the shows and movies i've been meaning to and listened to all the music that's been recommended to me, i'd be a hermit!

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