08 March 2011

just a start

"Abstinence is as easy to me, as temperance would be difficult." -Samuel Johnson

earlier this year i decided that in the interest of health and the environment, i was going to practice part-time veganism.  i don't buy and cook a lot of meat at home, so i didn't think it would be all that difficult. turns out this is harder than i thought it would be. however, i have had a difficult time sticking to it (along with most of my other resolutions).

Lent starts tomorrow, and while i am not a practicing Catholic, i'm thinking that i will use this 40 days to challenge myself. i am going to give up meat entirely. ok, maybe not entirely. i'll still eat seafood. but no beef, chicken, pork etc.

i'm quite frustrated with myself for not being able to stick with anything. as far as my new year's resolutions go, in addition to frequently eating meat before 5 o'clock, i have not been exercising 4 times a week, i still procrastinate way too much, and i have not been writing or otherwise exercising my creativity like i had planned to.

not eating meat during Lent is really about seeing if i can stick to a challenge. i feel like i've been lazy. actually, i know i've been lazy. and i want need to change that. this challenge will (hopefully) help me prove to myself that i really can do anything i set my mind to, and push me forward into trying/doing new things.

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