21 February 2011

feelin' blue

i've been feeling a little bit down lately, but i can't put my finger on a specific reason for it. i just feel very bored. i guess this actually happens to me quite frequently. every few months i get restless and i'm just not sure what to do about it. best friend recommended i try new things to stimulate my brain (such as starting this blog!), which works for a minute, but i tend to lose interest quickly. i just got a job as a writer and i'm already losing my enthusiasm for it. i hate that.

in trying to cheer myself up, i came up with a list of things that make me happy.

this song instantly puts me in a better mood
the whole album is pretty amazing, actually.
music in general is a mood-changer for me, whether for the better or worse.

having a clean house. just making my bed gives me a sense of calm.

having fresh flowers in the house

trying new recipes. this is one i am looking forward to trying soon. it's pretty simple but it looks delicious! as i am writing this, i have collard greens simmering on the stove, which is a first for me. fingers crossed that i like 'em!

this pillow always makes me smile. my dad and i bought it in Lockhart, Texas, which is near Austin.

and of course, my friends and family!

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