11 February 2011

freelance writing

i recently signed the paperwork to become a freelance writer for a local magazine called Pulse. it's really not so much a magazine as an insert in the newspaper. Pulse is composed of lifestyle features geared towards 18-34 year olds. they feature articles on music, dining, and other activities going on in the community that don't get much coverage elsewhere. it doesn't pay very well, but it's my first job as a writer, which is exciting!

there is a new local restaurant here called SBs Late-night Lunchbox, and i happen to know the owners. they are two young people who opened up the space in order to provide good food late at night (and boy, is it good), as opposed to fast food, which is pretty much the only option after 11. they're open wednesday-sunday from 6pm-3am. they try to buy their produce locally and feature local artists on their walls. every sunday night they have performances from local and traveling musicians. this sunday night tradition is one of the things i want to write about for the Pulse. i think what SBs is trying to do is great, and i'm excited to let people know about them!

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