10 August 2011

in the summertime when the weather is high...

it's the perfect time to wear dresses! i love wearing dresses in the summer because

a) it's an entire outfit pretty much preassembled for you
b) they're airy, which is a necessity in this Las Cruces heat
c) they're cute and you can find a dress to flatter any body type!

here are some of my favorite summer dresses this year:

via modcloth. my favorite online site to window shop! i love the girlishness of this dress.

i can't remember where i found this, but the color and lace give this dress a soft, dreamy feel.

this one is from topshop. i love the polka dot/t-shirt dress combo.

these next 3 are from forever21, and are a little more in my price range.

i love the floral print and cutout back.

i'm really digging lace this year, and i love the softness of this dress as well. 

i'm always drawn to cream and white clothing. this dress brings mind the 20s.

from pitaya. lace, again, and i absolutely love the combination of navy blue and bright yellow.

these 2 are from Betsey Johnson, which means i absolutely cannot afford them, but hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

the sweetness of the petit flower pattern paired with the edginess of the hook-eyelet closure is irresistible.

i love the simplicity and button-up front.

via Ruche. the lace peeking out at the bottom just kills me. navy blue is another color i always stray towards.

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