11 August 2011

& the livin's easy

as summer is coming to an end, i've been thinking about the little things that make summer... well, summer.

1) reading. obviously.

2) being lazy. it's much more acceptable in the summer.
these are meant for children, but they'd be perfect for reading. if only i had a porch. or a backyard with shade. 

3) the farmers market. i just love all the fresh produce and herbs.

tomatoes are my favorite thing to buy at the farmers market. so much better than the ones at the store.

i bought this lemon basil plant at the market and it just makes me so happy.

4) bright colors.

i like to have my toes painted always, but in the winter i prefer darker colors and brighter colors in the summer.

i love these bright makeup ideas from real simple, especially the red lips with yellow eyes. it's a bit daring for me though, the brown lips with purple eyes is more up my alley.

5) pulling my hair back. it gets way too hot here to have my hair down during the day. i'm constantly on the lookout for cute ideas, as ponytails grow old fast.

messy bun tutorial here. (LOVE this blog, btw)

side braid. i don't have this much hair, but i like the look.

braid/bun combo, hmm? this would take definitely take some practice.

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