10 April 2012


Loving: 90s music. It's all I've been listening to today. I have an excellent 90s playlist on my Spotify that I'm constantly adding to.

Thinking about: Going back to school for design. I want to make cookbooks and coffee table books as a career. Like, large books with really beautiful images but also really great writing. At least I think that's what I want to do. I'm looking into the Art + Design program at Colombia College here in Chicago.

Anticipating: Going home for a visit in July. I know it's a really long time away and surely there must be something to look forward to that's happening sooner than that. But I'm really missing my friends and family back home and I've been thinking about them a lot lately.

Reading: Julia Child's My Life in France. I love the Julie & Julia movie, so I decided I should probably read (one of) the books it's based on. Loving it! I read it with Meryl Streep's Julia Child voice in my head.

Eating: Too damn much. I really need to start making healthier choices. Blah. I have a smoothie almost every morning, which are delicious and healthy, but I eat way too much at lunch and dinner. I just need to work on that little thing they call willpower.

Wishing: I had girl friends here. I'm grateful for the few friends I've made here but I just really miss my girls back home. I miss watching chick flicks and having dance parties. I get along with all of the girls I work with but I just don't click with them.

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