07 April 2012


I'm not real big on Easter. Despite my Catholic upbringing it just doesn't have any real significance to me. I also have some bad memories associated with Easter that I won't get into here. 

But I guess bunnies are pretty cute or whatever.

The thing I like about Easter is getting together with family to eat! We don't have a traditional meal that we serve every year. I think sometimes we have ham and the past few years my sister and her husband have hosted Easter lunch and made pork or some sort of meat and then the rest of us bring sides and dessert. This year, I'll be away from my immediate family for the first time. And I'll be working, which is actually fine by me. 

My niece (cutest kid ever) and me a couple Easters ago.

Here are some Easter inspirations that I will not be using, but I think they're adorable anyhow.

This Malted Mousse Cake looks amazing and I'll definitely have to try it sometime, maybe for another holiday or special occasion.

These cream cheese-filled jello eggs are a cute twist on traditional deviled eggs.

These rainbow jello eggs are pretty flippin' sweet too.

Cheesecake filled chocolate eggs! How clever is that?

This table-scape is absolutely gorgeous. Flowers definitely remind me of Easter, especially lillies and daffodils.

My mom decorates the house for every holiday and she likes to get creative with cute centerpieces. She's made something similar to this before. Peeps are definitely one of my favorite parts of Easter.

Chocolate covered marshmallow eggs are my other favorite Easter basket standard. This cheap brand is the best. We got the fancy kind one year and they were not even as delicious.

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