02 January 2013


Every year I make resolutions that I don't necessarily stick with. One of my more frequent ones has been to stop biting my nails (that's never really happened). This year, I'm going to make a better effort to stick to my goals. I guess that's a goal in itself - to follow through with plans and stick to my goals!

2013 Resolutions

  • To have an adventure every month. This will encourage me to try new things and hopefully include a few things off of my 25 before 26 list.
  • To live a healthier life. This includes working out (at least) three times a week, meatless Mondays/no meat before dinner, and only drinking (in moderation) on the weekends.
Another thing on my list is to take a picture every day of 2013, starting with this challenge. Doing anything for 365 days in a row is a challenge, but I'm going to stick to it this year!

Do you have any resolutions this year?

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