16 March 2011


when i was younger my mom used to wake me up singing and opening the blinds so that the sun would shine in, which i did not appreciate at all. i've never been a morning person. my family members typically fight over who has to wake me up when we're on vacations. i'm not as grumpy in the mornings as i used to be, i think part of that is because i wake myself up now and i have no one to be grumpy with. now, i open my own blinds and have certain songs that i play almost every morning to get myself ready for the day.
here are some of them:

Nina Simone - Feelin' Good

The Drums - Let's Go Surfing

Florence and the Machine - Dog Days Are Over (i know, i've posted this before, but it's just so good!)

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion

Magnetic Man ft Katy B - Perfect Stranger

Martin Solveig - Hello
Hope you enjoy!

14 March 2011


today. is my best friend's birthday. yes, even though she is however many miles across the country and i haven't seen her in how long, i still consider one of my best friends. we've been through so much together. she was there for me the day my grandpa had the accident and i was stuck in las cruces while everyone else was at the hospital in el paso. she was there during my breakup with the boy i thought i would stay with forever. come to think of it, her family was there for me during those times as well.
brittany (and her ma) always know just what to say to make me realize (once again) that everything will be ok in  the end. i am so happy that we have managed to keep in touch. i hope we get to hang out in person again soon.
don't get me wrong, i have great friends here. but different friends fulfill different purposes and there is no one quite like this girl.

Happy Birthday, Britt. I honestly don't know what I'd do without ya.

08 March 2011

just a start

"Abstinence is as easy to me, as temperance would be difficult." -Samuel Johnson

earlier this year i decided that in the interest of health and the environment, i was going to practice part-time veganism.  i don't buy and cook a lot of meat at home, so i didn't think it would be all that difficult. turns out this is harder than i thought it would be. however, i have had a difficult time sticking to it (along with most of my other resolutions).

Lent starts tomorrow, and while i am not a practicing Catholic, i'm thinking that i will use this 40 days to challenge myself. i am going to give up meat entirely. ok, maybe not entirely. i'll still eat seafood. but no beef, chicken, pork etc.

i'm quite frustrated with myself for not being able to stick with anything. as far as my new year's resolutions go, in addition to frequently eating meat before 5 o'clock, i have not been exercising 4 times a week, i still procrastinate way too much, and i have not been writing or otherwise exercising my creativity like i had planned to.

not eating meat during Lent is really about seeing if i can stick to a challenge. i feel like i've been lazy. actually, i know i've been lazy. and i want need to change that. this challenge will (hopefully) help me prove to myself that i really can do anything i set my mind to, and push me forward into trying/doing new things.