30 October 2012

My Weekend, in Instagram

This was Wednesday, but Justice kicked off my weekend.

Another hostess and I showed up in the same dress for work.
Trailer Park Fairy

Boom stick and Harry Caray
Pre/post Six Flags

Before the V2. They were all terrified.
I, however, am brave.

The two most interesting people in the world.

Guinness Float

Enjoying a beer after a long day at the amusement park.

22 October 2012

Monday Funday/Links for Sharing

I had an exceptionally long week/weekend last week, so I let myself sleep in today! Of course, my way too comfortable bed and the lack of sun shining though my window contributed to this laziness. After I finally managed to drag myself out of bed and make myself breakfast, a guy came to fix our internet and give us cable, and here was here almost all day. So I still haven't gotten around to taking a shower, because I didn't feel comfortable taking one while he was here. This is all to say that I have had an extremely laid back day. I did attempt to make this bracelet, but it didn't quite work out. Working with wire is hard, guys. Here are some interesting things that I've been collecting the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

It's never too late.

20 Ways to Create Your Best Life Ever.

How pretty are these earrings?

Fun book confessions. (I might have to do a post like this.)

A list of must-see documentaries.

Hot Chocolate. Ice Cream. Yum.

This is a great post on social media and our ever increasing need to feel validated.

A beautiful shop in Thailand.

This article on happiness and taking risks.

Hearts, hearts, everywhere.

11 October 2012

Life is Short

I'm one of those people who overanalyzes everything. I'd like to change that. Lately, whenever I have a bad day at work, or I know someone is (or probably isn't, but I think they are) mad at me, I remind myself to take a deep breath, and keep things in perspective. I think about whether or not this thing will matter in a year. Or a couple months. Or even a week, for that matter. I need to look forward, without stressing out about the future either. Even though things aren't perfect and I may not be happy all the time, I'm content. And I'm ok with that.

02 October 2012

Autumn Intentions

Have I mentioned I love Fall?

Back in July I created a list of things I wanted to make sure I accomplished this summer. Looking back at this list, I realize I did not do some of those things, but that's ok. In spirit of the new (and my personal favorite) season, I've made a new list of things to make time for fall.

Make pumpkin everything
Wear boots more often
Drink tea
Go to antique stores/flea markets
Take lots of pictures
Clean out my closet, and buy new clothes with intention (more on this later)
Try new soup recipes
Take more walks