22 August 2011

moms and music

at work today, when this 4 Non Blondes song came on the radio, my boss got super excited and turned the volume up (which never happens). i got quite a kick out of this, as my boss is a 30-something-year-old male, and this song primarily reminds me of my mom, as i first heard it on a mix tape that my aunt Maria made her.

more songs that remind me of my mom every time i hear them.

Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin
i absolutely hated this song, which she would play over and over. i actually like it now. go figure.

Radar Love - Golden Earring
this was my mom's song for some boy she liked but never dated in high school, i believe.

Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
there are many billy idol songs i adore, but this was definitely my mom's fave.

Fire and Rain - James Taylor
such a sad song, but i love it.

All My Loving - The Beatles
she used to sing this to me and for some reason i always thought she made it up. turns out The Beatles made it up (: i also thought she made up "i can see clearly now the rain is gone..."

If I Were a Carpenter - Johnny Cash and June Carter
another song i used to hate. i wasn't a huge fan of June Carter's voice but i got a kick out of my mom trying to imitate her.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone 
this is another song i remember her singing all the time, and that i'll probably sing to my kids someday.

these are just a few of the songs that my mom introduced me to and that i probably would not like if it wasn't for her. what songs remind you of your mom? or dad?

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