18 June 2012

Day off

I thought I would have more free time once I finished my internship, but it sure hasn't felt that way. I'm usually off on Mondays but it seems like every time Monday rolls around I have a bunch of errands and whatnot that I've been putting off. Today, for instance, I was planning on taking my car to the shop for a much needed oil change and a brake job. I decided, however, to put that off (again).

Shortly after waking up I was happy to get a phone call from one of my favorite people and I got to chat with three of my my friends from home, which was a great way to start my day. Afterwards, I  walked to the grocery store to pick up ingredients to make a goat cheese, spinach and avocado grilled sandwich. Delicious.

After lunch I googled free things to do in Chicago and came across the Osaka Garden in Hyde Park. It's a Japanese style garden that's open year-round to the public. I thought it might be worth checking out so I loaded my cousins in the car and ventured to the South side to find these gardens. It wasn't all that exciting, honestly. It was nice and serene, but a bit small. The girls and I walked around the area a bit but I think they were bored. It was very peaceful, however, and might be a good place to go back to by myself when I'm feeling stressed out and frazzled. I forgot to take pictures - these are from Yelp users.

After we left the park we were hot and thirsty, so I took the girls for frozen yogurt. (Logical, right?) I couldn't decide what I wanted so I got half pomegranate raspberry yogurt with blackberries and coconut and half cake batter yogurt with rainbow sprinkles. SO yummy!

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