31 May 2013

Simple Summer Goals

Lately, I've been feeling a little lost and lonely. In the absence of a specific life or career goal to work towards, I decided I need to focus on bettering myself in little ways. I was inspired by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess, to come up with four simple goals to create small but effective changes to encourage a richer and happier life.

1. Find new ways to be active. To start, I'm going to my first yoga class tomorrow, and I plan on trying rock climbing soon! If these activities can take place outdoors - even better!

2. Utilize my creativity. This includes using my poor neglected sewing machine, and calling the lady I met at the wine festival who said she would teach me how to make jewelry.

3. Learn to grill and cook a live lobster. Ok, this is really two separate goals, but they're both cooking oriented. We have a nice grill and a really great patio for hosting bbqs, and I need to take advantage of that during these summer months. 

4. Eat less meat and dairy. A friend of mine went vegan for about three weeks, and she said she really noticed a different in her mood and body. Now she's vegetarian (who can live without cheese?!), but she wants to go back to vegan eventually, or alternate vegan and vegetarian months. 

Do you have any summertime goals?

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