12 January 2012

24 before 25

i got this idea from a beautiful mess (i love this blog, in case you hadn't noticed). it's a list of goals to accomplish before my next birthday. my birthday was over a month ago, so i'm a little late on completing my list. it's harder than i thought it would be. most of my goals were grandiose statements like, "try new foods," and "push my boundaries." this list contains goals that are all quantifiable and can clearly be crossed off. SO after a month of consideration, here are my goals!

1. move to a new city
2. get a writing/editing job
3. discover a new band/musician (that i'll keep listening to)
4. make new friends (which, as it turns out, is harder to do as an adult)
5. go to a music festival
6. take a class (such as cooking, photography, something creative!)
7. take a road trip
8. take a blog tutorial or e-course
9. learn how to French braid
10. try Dutch food
11. try fried chicken and waffles
12. make at least 5 Julia Child recipes
13. learn how to apply eyeliner well
14. have a spa day with mom and sister
15. go to Vegas with friends
16. cook lobster
17. plan a trip with Brittany
18. take a zumba class
19. live on my own
20. go to a concert or play in a foreign language
21. learn how to ride a bike
22. get a dia de los muertos tattoo
23. make cute jewelry
24. make an outfit for K-lee

there you have it! my 24 things to do before i turn 25. i may not do them all, but i'll damn well try. and hey - i already accomplished #1!

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  1. I LOVE this! Such a good idea. I esepcially like #17. :)