03 January 2012


at dinner last night my dad was talking to me  about maintaining an image for oneself in a professional setting. he does leadership workshops sometimes and one of the exercises they do is to define how you want to be seen and then work on ways to improve and maintain that image. he said it's amazing how many people don't think about how they come off to other people, and while he was talking specifically about the workplace, i think it's worth reflecting on for your day-to-day life as well.

so how would i like to be perceived?

  • patient. 
    • as i've previously mentioned, i am not the most patient person. i need to work on not getting  frustrated with people so easily. i think a good way to start is to breathe and take a few seconds before immediately reacting when i start getting annoyed.
  • creative.
    • to be perceived as creative, i need to focus on doing more creative activities. creativity feeds creativity so i really just need to make it a point to make time to write, or doodle or read magazines. i love the montage of words and images that make up magazines.
  • quick-thinking. 
    • i would like to be the kind of person that can react quickly in a given situation. unfortunately, i am not this type of person. i tend to panic or get flustered when things don't go as planned. i need to work on going with the flow. as far as being on top of things, i'm not sure how to work on that, but i'll think about it (:
these are just a few attributes that i would like to cultivate. how would you like to be perceived? 

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