06 February 2012


It's Monday again.

  • I'm no longer sick! I've been able to catch up on my (cough free) sleep!
  • Today is my last day of "training" at work. After today I'll be considered a full-fledged hostess.
  • I plan on going to this art show this week. I need to start taking advantage of all that Chicago has to offer. And this is free!
  • Valentine's Day is next week, and I'm planning on making some homemade valentines for the girls. Since my job is extremely part-time I have a lot of free time still.
  • Also, due to my excess of free time, I want to make dinner at least one night this week. I'm thinking about this recipe.
Happy Monday, everyone! 

1 comment:

  1. Mmm, can't go wrong with asparagus. I think the Vintage Bazaar is this weekend, as well! I want to go, we'll see how it actually plays out...