22 February 2012


I'm sick, AGAIN. This is the second time the less than two months that I've been in Chicago that I've gotten sick. I think there must be different germs here that my immune system isn't used to or something.

Anywho! Because of this cold, I decided to make soup yesterday. Eating a nice hot mug (because soup is always better in a mug) of soup is always comforting when you're sick. And vegetables, with all their nutrients, are good way to fortify against these yucky germs.

I made a version of this Martha Stewart recipe. I doubled the recipe, used chicken stock instead of water, and added sage, onion, sweet peppers and extra garlic (which is rich in antioxidants).  I also used mini farfalle instead of ditalini. I ate it with an herb and cheese pita from a Mediterranean bakery.

(everything is better when you add Harry Potter)

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