01 January 2012

New Year...

in more ways than one! not only is today the first day of 2012, but i just made a huge change in my personal life. last week i moved from Las Cruces, NM to Chicago.

this is a big deal. i was born and raised in Las Cruces and have never lived anywhere else. the thought of going away for college didn't occur/appeal to me for some reason.  but lately i've been feeling like i need a change. Las Cruces is so small and it just seemed like i couldn't meet new people without finding some connection that was previously there. that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it gets old. the opportunity for work was also limited. i wasn't very happy with the way things were.

i need something new.

when i visited Chicago in September i mentioned to my uncle that i would like to try living in a big city (like Chicago). at that time they were in the process of looking for a larger apartment, and my uncle suggested that i rent a room from them for a year or so, after which he thought i'd be tired of the weather. 

i thought about it and proposed the idea to my mom, and decided it was a great idea! so last week my dad, my friend Kyle and i loaded my car up with about half of my stuff and drove across the country to my new home (eek!)

and that's where i'm writing this post from. sitting at the dining room table as my aunt Maria reads a book about butterflies to my cousin Martha. 

it was really hard to leave my family and some of my friends, but i'm excited about the opportunity this city offers. 

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