11 January 2012


what's one thing that always makes me smile? that's right: sparkles! sparkles have the ability brighten up even the gloomiest days.

a simple, yet charming way to add some shine in your life. throw some sequins in water!

i'm a sucker for glittery heels.

the only thing better than glittery shoes? glittery shoes that you make yourself!

my day-to-day makeup is pretty simple but i like to wear dramatic makeup for special occasions.

this skirt is just perfection. you could dress it up for nighttime or make it casual for daywear.

a chandelier is a great way to add sparkle and shimmer to any room. and is a must for my dream home.

fireworks! duh.

i love this combination of matte and glitter polish.

unfortunately i'm not that gifted when it comes to doing nails. but i did give myself a simple pedicure to brighten up my day!

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