18 July 2012

Southern Dreams

As of late I've found myself daydreamin' about the South. Southern style, Southern interior design, and most importantly, a Southern man. It is currently my fantasy to find myself a nice, non-Republican Southern man to marry and live out our lives drinkin' sweet tea and makin' pie in our simple but charmin' house with our oh-so-adorable children.

What's so appealing about the South, you ask? The landscape, for one. I love the shabby chic style of some country homes. I also admire Southern Belles. The way they never leave the house without getting done up. The way they can keep a smile on their faces no matter what. The way they can say incredibly catty things with a southern drawl and make it sound completely non-offensive.

I came to Chicago to experience big city life, and here I am fantasizing about a nice country cottage in the middle of nowhere. Silly, isn't it? I don't know how long this fantasy will last, but for now I'm content to imagine my future as a Southern Belle. Now I know - Southern Belles are born, not made. But a girl can dream, right?

Here are some tidbits I came across in my obsession with all things Southern this week.

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