06 July 2012

Summer Intentions

Since I'm no longer in school, summer has a different feel to it. Summer used to be a nice break from classes, and even though I've worked every summer since I was 17, at least I had a couple months with no homework and more time for friends. Now it's just a few (extremely) hot months and I'll still be working the same 5-6 days a week. In an attempt to recapture some of the magic of summer I decided to make a list! This is my Summer Manifesto.

Eat lots of fresh fruit
Go to (at least one) outdoor concert
Spend at least an hour a day outdoors
Try new salad recipes
Write more
Learn to ride a bike
Have a picnic
Hang out with my cousins more
Find a spot to watch the sunset
Mini road trip with my mom
Visit different farmers markets

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