31 July 2012

Detoxing... Kind of

Last week I took a much needed vacation to... wait for it... Las Cruces! I guess going home isn't really a vacation, but it was definitely a welcome break in routine. Visiting home was great, for many reasons. Throughout the week, however, I definitely overindulged. I ate a ton of (amazing) greasy, cheesy Mexican food, lots of bread, and drank way too much. It was all fun and enjoyable, but I definitely felt bloated and disgusting by the end of my trip. (I think I gained about 6 pounds.) I was planning on doing a fruit and veggie detox for 3-5 days to clean out my system when I got back, but that fell by the wayside pretty quickly. I have, however, been eating mindfully, and I do feel slightly healthier. I made a batch of this black bean quinoa salad on Sunday that I've been eating for lunch every day, and today I made broccoli arugula soup that will be dinner for a couple days.

On another fitness note, apparently I have really wide feet! I've always had a problem with my feet hurting when I go running (ok, jogging). So I finally went to a Fleet Feet store and got a gait analysis. I learned that my feet are so wide that they hang slightly over the edges of my shoe, so I'm not getting full support when I run. After learning this, I tried on several pairs of wide shoes (they even have you jog outside in them to see how they feel!) and purchased a pair of (expensive) running shoes on my mom's credit card. Now, I feel bad about spending so much of my parents' money on a pair of shoes, but my mom said that as long as I'll use them she doesn't mind. So now I have to start running jogging!

This coming weekend is Lollapalooza, so I know my healthy habits will all be shot to hell, but I'm going to keep up with them for the next couple days and resume them next Monday! Maybe next week I can even stick to an all fruit and veggie diet for a few days. I've been thinking and talking about changing my diet and exercise habits for a while, but now I really am going to stick to a new, healthy lifestyle!

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  1. So proud of you! Maybe I'll bring my not so expensive running shoes so we can jog when I come visit!