10 July 2012



I use Aveeno shampoo and conditioner. My favorite is the Nourish + Strengthen, but I like the Nourish + Moisturize as well. I do not wash my hair every day, however. My hair is pretty dry and damaged from years of coloring and straightening, and washing every day would only make it worse. I usually wash my hair every third day. (I do shower every day, I just pull my hair up on the days I don't lather, rinse and repeat.)

I use this stuff in an attempt to restore my damaged locks. It's supposed to mend split ends (of which I have many) and make your hair a million times shinier and stronger. I'm not sure if it does, but it definitely makes my fried tresses softer, which I dig.

I've never been into having big hair. However, I recently received a bad haircut that's something akin to a mullet. In order to pull off the Joan Jett-esque rocker chic shag, I need volume. That's where this stuff comes into play. It adds volume and doesn't leave my hair too sticky. It does not, however, last 24 hours like the name would imply.


I love this luminizer. I smear it on my cheekbones and put a dab along the bridge of my nose. It adds a bit of glow without making you look too bronzy. Plus, it smells great!

I love love love this tint. It's too pale for my lips but just right on my cheeks when I want a pop of color to brighten up my face. I never thought blush would be a staple in my makeup routine, but here it is.

Lip butter. I'm not the biggest lipstick fan, but this stuff is great. It is so buttery and moisturizing and they have a great selection of colors. My current fave is Tutti Frutti. I like to go heavy on the mascara, skip the shadow, and add this fun splash of orange.

This duo is my current eye shadow obsession. I bought "On Set" on a whim at Sephora when I was having a crummy day and I do not regret it one bit. They go on smoothly and are easy to blend. The colors are gorgeous, with just the right amount of shimmer. 


This is my everyday body lotion. It's thick but absorbs well and leaves my skin nice and hydrated, even in the winter. I love the smell, which is fresh and tropical without being overwhelming.

I've been wearing this scent daily for a couple months now. I love almost all the scents in this line, actually. They come in adorable cocktail shaker-shaped bottles and all the boxes look like little houses to go with the kind of girl the scent represents. This one is sweet and playful, with a sexy undertone.

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