28 August 2012

Hair Amore

This ombre hair trend has been around for a while, and I actually thought it would fade out by now. When it first started popping up, I wasn't a huge fan. Sometimes it just looks like they desperately need to touch up their hair. Lately, however, I've been seeing some ombre hair colors that I really like.

I absolutely adore Drew Barrymore, but this is an example of why I thought this trend would trainwreck right away.

I'm liking the subtle difference in colors here. Lauren is always the picture of class.

Love Jamie Chung's waves and makeup.

Rachel Bilson always looks on point!

Alexa Chung shows that ladies with short hair can rock the ombre look as well.

Emma at A Beautiful Mess shares her ombre hair story.

I'm thinking about trying this look myself. I'm getting restless with life and need a change. I'm hunting for a new job, and will start volunteering for what seems like a great organization soon, but I'm itching for a superficial change as well. Since my tattoo artist is in Cruces and I'm hesitant to find someone new, a new hair color it is! A cut and color will most likely be cheaper as well.

I wouldn't go bleached blonde on the bottom, but more of a golden blonde, similar to what Rachel Bilson's got goin' on, since I have a darker complexion. I just need to save for a couple of weeks before I hit the salon. If I decide not to take the plunge into ombre, I still want to get some hidden highlights in a lighter color. I'll be sure to post pictures if/when I do it!

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