29 August 2012

Dear Wednesday

Dear Maria, I love that you own so many books. It's hardly necessary for me to ever buy new books, as there are so many in my own house that I have yet to read. Of course, that doesn't stop me from buying books once in a while anyway ;)

Dear Joanna Goddard, thank you for posting this letter from Roald Dahl that made my heart happy. Roald Dahl has always been one of my favorite authors, and this made me want to read his biography or revisit a childhood favorite.

Dear Myopic Books, you are my new favorite bookstore. Three floors and a basement of used books. I had to kick myself out before I spent any more money. I realize this kind of contradicts my first letter - refer to the last sentence.

Dear insurance company, please stop being such a pain in my ass. Trying to find a doctor here has been nothing but frustrating. 

Dear cute French guy at the crepe stand at the Lincoln Square Farmers Market, are you perfect? You're adorable, certainly, and you make a damn fine crepe. Plus, you're foreign, which I like. I think you might be...

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