11 August 2012


I recently came across this salsa recipe on A Cup of Jo, and I just had to try it! The basic premise is that it uses just three ingredients to make a tasty and flavorful dip. And since the tomatoes are broiled, you can make this salsa any time of year and still have that fresh flavor. The three ingredients are plum (roma) tomatoes, jalapeno and garlic. That's it'! I made two batches and added cilantro and lime juice to the second one for a different flavor. They were pretty tasty, albeit a bit sweeter than the salsa I'm used to. I think this is due the broiling of the tomatoes. My aunt tasted them both and gave her approval - she even said the cilantro lime version was "restaurant quality!"

I started out with five fairly large roma tomatoes, three jalapenos and four cloves of garlic.

I love this cilantro paste in place of fresh cilantro, as I can never get through a bunch of fresh cilantro before it goes bad.

Roasted garlic and jalapenos... yum.

I used half the tomatoes and half the garlic in each batch. I put three jalapeno halves in the cilantro lime batch and only two in the basic batch.

The one on the left is the basic batch and the one on the right is the spicy cilantro lime batch. I've been obsessed with blue corn tortilla chips lately. (Trader Joe's makes the best!) I've been snacking on these for the past couple days and still have so much left. This morning I made an onion, sweet pepper and jalapeno omelette and ate it with the basic salsa and it was delicious, if I do say so myself!

*On a side note, Joanna Goddard found this recipe on The Homesick Texan blog, which is now my new food blog obsession. How yummy do these armadillo eggs look?!!?

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