14 August 2012

Statement Necklaces

Although I love jewelry, I tend to keep my day-to-day accessorizing pretty simple. The times when I do get a little more ambitious with my style, I tend to drift towards flashy earrings and rings, rather than necklaces. (My go-to accessory is big earrings, because I think I have ugly fingers.) Lately, however, I've been seeing so many beautiful bib necklaces that I'm thinking it's about time to learn how to style a statement necklace appropriately and effectively. Apparently, the key is to keep your outfit simple. Thanks, LC! Here are some of the styles I've been admiring online. Of course, I can't afford any of these, so I'll have to settle for window shopping.

This colorful J. Crew necklace is the first one that really caught my eye and started my fascination with this trend.

These cream baubles are classy, elegant and timeless.

I love the edginess of this spiked chain.

This bib has an antique, yet, exotic feel to it.

The metalwork on this floral bib is truly stunning.

This one might be my favorite. I love the intricate filigree.

This rocker chic look is a close second, though. I love that it's shown on a model, to give an idea of what sort of top might look good with this piece.

What do you think of this trend? Would/have you attempted this bold style?

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